Beware of Trappers who claim to be Contractors

You hear noises up in your attic, and find out that wild animals are living and breeding up there. Naturally, you call a professional trapper to take the nuisance wildlife away. But wait a minute! Now he wants to fix holes in your roof, fix your damaged soffit, and re-insulate your attic? I thought he was an animal trapper; now he’s a certified contractor too? Always check the credentials of these so called “contractors” before signing an agreement. You don’t really know what kind of work they will do before moving on to the next animal trapping job.

West Florida Contractors is certified in the state of Florida to do the reapirs to your home, whether caused by nuisance wildlife, nuisance wildlife trappers, or storm damage. West Florida Contractors can handle anything from home repair, to bath or kitchen remodeling, to building homes and shopping centers. Thats what we do. We build, not trap snakes and raccoons. We leave that to the experts in THAT field. Maybe those Florida wildlife mountain men should do the same.

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