Have a Professional Contractor Work on Your Home

As of June 1st, we are in the start of the Atlantic Storm Season. Here in Florida we usually just call it Hurricane season. Part of your hurricane preparedness plan might be to have your home checked for places where animals and wildlife can enter your home. Here is why.
When a storm like hurricanes Charley, Wilma, or Katrina hits, its not just human habitats that are affected. Even a medium sized storm will knock down thousands of trees, even where no humans live. That forces the wildlife to seek refuge somewhere else. If the only things left standing are human structures, well thats pretty inviting to rats, squirrels, raccoons, bats and many other wild creatures.
Don’t wait for a storm, then have some wildlife trapper yahoo try and fix things. Hire a professional contractor to do it right the first time.
West Florida Contractors will show you where those access points to your home or business are. We will professionally inspect your roof and attic areas inside and out, and offer to fix the flaws in construction or earlier storm or animal damage . Don’t let your house become a storm shelter for homeless and displaced animals.
For professionally licenced florida remodeling contractors, Call West Florida Contractors at 941-906-8554 today.

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